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ESL Education 
& Services

Tico English offered English as a second language education and services to schools throughout China from 2016-2020. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Tico English was forced to stop operations. 

Our Services

Learn about the services Tico English provided to schools and students. 

Our Services

Teacher Placement

Tico provided schools with qualified native speaking teachers to bridge the communication and culture gap. 

Curriculum Development

We developed schools curriculum ranging from young learners to advanced speakers. 

Young Learner Materials

Tico provided schools with creative books to help students language and development. 

Adult Education


We provided adult professionals with the books and materials they needed to learn a new language. 

Teacher Training

We trained teachers concentrating in various areas and regions. 

Educational Audits

We helped schools identify improvements needed and helped them better their educational products. 

“We were happy to have access to foreign teachers at our school. The students loved interacting and learning new things.”

Wendy L.
Academic Manager

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